Saturday, February 2, 2013

Victorias Details

 In love with the details of Victorian Houses, these lovely's were not in San Francisco, not in Boston  but very close where we stayed when visiting my old town in Staten Island where I grew up.

This one was empty and it looked haunted, but I love it

This one takes the cake, WOW!! AHmazing
Love the colors of this house, it looks like happy people lives there

The stain glass windows are so pretty

So statetly

Love the soft colors against the dark

The top part is a bit more modern but look at that entrance, see below
 This house is very Colonial, if only the cars weren't parked there

Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter in New York

Antique grave yard in the middle of Wall Street
This tomb stone has been here since 1763 of a 11 year old child

Old New York

I am into old architecture and love the way a lot of the new buildings have been built around the old ones, these images I took are from downtown New York on our way to South America from Los Angeles